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Precious Inheritance

This intriguing and authoritative book covers a wide range of practical issues regarding the repair and conservation of old buildings, and is packed full of insightful advice that homeowners, builders, architects and regulators alike will find invaluable.

The author presents a powerful case against the use of inappropriate modern materials such as cement and plastic-based paints and explains how you can get things right by reconnecting with your property’s past.

Unfortunately, Precious Inheritance is now out of stock. Please look out for Cliff Blundell's new book, A Sustainable Legacy, which will be published later this year. If you would like to pre-order a copy, please email tlcwestwales@hotmail.co.uk

“Steeped in Wales though this book is, it would be a great pity if it did not travel beyond its borders for its message and advice has a far wider application ...” Cornerstone Magazine

“It says succinctly and well so much that is vital for the proper care of old buildings. John Ruskin, Philip Webb, A.R. Powys and all my other heroes would have been so appreciative, and so am I!” Professor Peter Burman, the National Trust for Scotland

Precious Inheritance: The Conservation of Welsh Vernacular Buildings
Author: Cliff Blundell
ISBN: 978-1905960019
Paperback: 96 pages
Language: English

Precious Inheritance book by Cliff Blundell


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